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Aloe Vera

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The appearance changes from one species to another, but in general they are characterized by a rosette of thick leaves, but flexible, because very fleshy, more or less elongated and, for some species, serrated at the edges. The port, therefore, varies:

Arborescent: like the Aloe dichotoma, A. pilansii and A. plicatilis which reach several meters and which are supported by real trunks. We also find Aloe vaombe, A. ferox or A. helenae which are supported by a woody trunk, without ramifications.

Creeping: the aloes which carry long flexible stems which tend to crawl, even if some sometimes take the appearance of a bush: Aloe ciliaris, A. juvenna, A. arborescens for example.

Acaule: many aloes, acaules at the beginning of their growth develop a foot as they grow. But in some species the leaves are persistent: for example, Aloe maculata, Aloe vera, A. broomii, or A. striata.

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