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Avocado is a large single-seeded berry.
The fruits of the most commonly marketed varieties are the size of a large lemon (150 to 250 g), but there are also larger (more than 1 kg) or miniature varieties: avocado-pickles.
While the inflorescences each have a large number of flowers, usually a single fruit or only a few develop on each. Well-supplied clusters are exceptional. The avocado is connected to the branch by a more or less long peduncle, in fact formed from the axis of the inflorescence, pruned from all the other floral peduncles. It is sexed and will have to be fertilized by a male tree.
There are more than a dozen varieties of avocado currently on the market, including Fuerte, in the shape of a pear with thin and shiny skin, and Hass, with black and rough skin, which are the most consumed in France. .
The fruit grows on the tree, where it can remain for several months, but it does not ripen until picked (climacteric fruits). In the store, a hard avocado is therefore a sign of freshness and not of early picking. He traveled fast and spent no time in an ethylene bath2. Its ripening can be accelerated by surrounding it with a crown of other fruits, such as bananas which naturally produce ethylene. You can also let it ripen at room temperature, instead of putting it in the fridge.
Its color varies from green to green-brown and it contains a seed. Its size evokes that of a nucleus, when it is actually biologically a glitch. The avocado flesh is very fatty.

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