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Kola Nuts

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The kola nut or cola (or kola) is the grainen 1 of trees of the genus Cola, generically named colatier (or kolatier), represented mainly by Cola nitida and Cola acuminata.

Originally from the tropical forest of West and Central Africa, it has been appreciated for a very long time by local populations for its stimulating properties, due to its high caffeine content (from 1 to 4%). Consumed fresh and stripped of its pulpy integuments, it is chewed for a long time in the mouth where it first develops an astringent and bitter flavor then sweet1.

Symbol of benevolence, it also holds an important place in the habits and customs of society.

Produced in tropical forests stretching from Guinea-Bissau to Ghana, it has been exported to the north for centuries by caravans of porters, as far as the region of the western Sudanese savannah. Long-distance trade then spread eastwards, into present-day Nigeria.

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