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Sangha Palm - Crude Oil

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ECO-OIL ENERGIE SA is a Congolese company wholly owned by ECO-OIL ENERGIE SA MALAYSIA. ECO-OIL ENERGIE SA bought the assets of Ex SANGHA PALM and RNPC (Régie National des Palmeraie du Congo) in the departments of SANGHA, CUVETTE and CUVETTE OUEST.

ECO-OIL ENERGIE SA has signed an operating concession agreement with the Congolese State of 50,000 ha renewable (5,000 hectares intended for exploitation and 45,000 hectares intended for export for BIODIESEL) over 25 years renewable, with an implementation program that spans 8 years.

The project plans to provide around 5,000 jobs, 90% of which are dedicated to indigenous people.

Eco-Oil Energy S.A