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The Minister of Commerce, Supply and Consumption implements the Nation's policy in the fields of trade, supply and consumption.

As such, it is responsible, in particular, for:

  • Develop and popularize legislative and regulatory texts in the areas of trade in supplies and consumption;
  • This is a nested unordered list:
    • Ensure compliance with legislation and regulations in the areas of trade, supply and consumption;
    • Promote internal and external trade;
    • Ensure the supply of the national market;
  • Ensure the quality of goods and services released for consumption;
  • Manage imports of products subject to regulation;
  • Publish trade, supply and consumption statistics;
  • This is a nest Ordered List:
    1. Participate in bilateral and multilateral negotiations and monitor their implementation;
    2. Monitor Congo's relations with international and intergovernmental organizations operating in the field of commerce;
    3. Ensure compliance with standards, quality weights and measures:
    4. Promote the marketing of Congolese products on the national and international market;
  • Suppress infringements of commercial regulations;
  • Ensure the safeguard and protection of local products against unfair import practices;
  • Guarantee the rights of consumers;
  • Promote the storage and distribution chains of goods of all categories;
  • Ensure the quality of imported and exported products.

Article 2: The Minister of Trade, Supply and Consumption, for the exercise of his powers, has authority over all of the services of his ministry and exercises supervision over the bodies which come under his jurisdiction as determined by the texts relating to the organization of the Ministry of Commerce, Supply and Consumption.

Article 3: This decree which repeals all previous contrary provisions, will be registered and published in the Official Journal of the Republic of Congo.