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Bulukutu (Tea)

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Bulukutu (Lippia multiflora) also called "savannah tea" is an herbaceous, sub-ligary, perennial aromatic plant, from African savannas ...

... Rich in active ingredients, this plant, with a very rapid growth cycle, has multiple virtues, both therapeutic and well-being.
It is abundantly consumed in SUB SAHARAN AFRICA.

It is an undemanding heliophilous species that was once found in the wild in the savannah, but can grow on different types of soil and in different ecosystems. Its development is favored by average rainfall, associated with relatively high humidity.
Mainly used in the form of an infusion (herbal tea) of dry (or fresh) leaves or in decoction, Bulukutu has for thousands of years, helped to start well ... but also to end your days very well!

Association des Agriculteurs du CONGO