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The carrot is a biennial herb that can reach up to 30 centimeters high, with a long taproot, most often whitish or orange, thick and elongated. The rod, 30 to 80 cm high, is rigid and covered with stiff hairs.
The radical leaves are rosette at the base, the stem leaves covered with hair are deeply cut into elongated segments (2-3 times divided into strips widened towards the middle, sharp at the top, glaucous) and give off an aromatic carrot odor6.
The white flowers, of small size, are grouped in umbels of umbellule, inflorescence typical of the family. These umbels have 20 to 30 rays, generally curved towards the top and provided at their base with an involucre of bracts divided into elongated segments; each ray carries an umbellule accompanied by an involucelle of short bracts. The umbellules have small white flowers, sometimes with a relatively large, sterile, dark purple red central flower, which distinguishes these carrot umbels at first glance. The outer flowers have uneven petals, the outward ones being relatively larger to attract pollinating insects. Flowering takes place from May to October.

Association des Agriculteurs du CONGO