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The Congo has significant mineral reserves. This mining potential remains under explored and under exploited. Realizing this potential could be an important source of income and help to diversify the largely oil-dependent economy. In the current state of knowledge of the subsoil, several indices of gold, diamond, potash, iron, polymetals and other mineral substances for agricultural and industrial use are listed.

According to several available studies, the Congo's mining potential is as follows:

25 billion tonnes of iron reserves located in the departments of Lékoumou (Mayoko, Zanaga, Bambama, Madzoumou) in the south of the country and Sangha (Mont Nabemba, Ivindo, Boundoudo, Avima, Nabeba and Youkou) in the North country;
3.2 billion tonnes of potash reserve located in the departments of Kouilou / Pointe-Noire;
2.2 million tonnes of copper reserves
531 million tonnes of phosphate reserves.