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Pointe-Noire Chamber of Commerce

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Pointe-Noire Chamber of Commerce

Created on March 15, 1947 under the name of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Kouilou-Niari, then renamed as Regional Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Kouilou, it became Chamber of commerce, industry, agriculture and trades of Pointe-Noire according to decree N ° 95-245 of December 04, 1995, supplemented by decree N ° 96-114 of March 05, 1996.

This institution, whose field of competence covers the departments of Pointe-Noire and Kouilou, is endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Trades of Pointe-Noire "CCIAM" is responsible for representing the interests of commercial, industrial and service companies, providing training for entrepreneurs and providing support to businesses.

Its mission is to:

  1. Represent you and defend your interests
    • Serve as an interface between the private sector and public authorities

    • Support nationals in solving problems related to the exercise of their activities

    • Give opinions and information to public authorities on commercial, industrial, agro-pastoral, fiscal, labor and vocational training issues

  2. Accompany you
    • Organize trade, economic and information missions.

    • Promote Congo's internal and external trade.

    • Developing entrepreneurship with young people

  3. Inform you and train you
    • Disseminate all kinds of economic information.

    • Train business leaders and their employees.

  4. Put you in touch with your peers
    • Support the creation and structuring of clubs and other professional organizations